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BUD-ART Company

Absolute reliability and deliberate phased implementation of projects, their availability and clarity, reliance of sketches, operational discipline, accurate compliance with estimated expenditures, combined with economic and balanced organization of construction work – these are the underlying principles, by which we are guided in the interests of our Customers. We feel responsible for our work to the Customers and, working closely with them, we constantly seek maximum optimization of our projects in general, in terms of both quality of execution, usability, architectural solutions and organization of construction and efficiency of projects. Logical sequence of such approach is consistent fulfillment of undertaken contractual obligations in strict accordance with the standards of professional ethics regardless of any interests of manufacturers and suppliers.

Interior design

Our goal is to change the idea of interior design for the customers, describing it as clear, consistent and necessary process that allows saving costs. We are convinced that design is not a mere location of pillows and colour of curtains, sockets and furniture but something more. It allows solving tasks set at a deeper level, real needs of clients and their families. We believe that all designers can work professionally using their favourite styles and receive decent remuneration for that. The activity of our design studio is based on careful study of all wishes and tastes of clients. Thanks to a high level of professionalism, coordinated work and passion for what we do, we have achieved significant success in our field, that’s why our clients recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We develop design and visualization of any complexity, within the shortest possible time and maintaining high quality level. We are always happy to create an exclusive and original project for you.

Architectural design

The architectural projects should in no way be detached from reality. The ideas can be different but they must be real. Besides, the architectural design must take into consideration all phases of life of a building, provision of proper functioning of all periphery and certainly legal aspect of this process. An architect must at once take into account an overall planning, all required utility systems and, if possible, hide it behind architectural forms or, on the contrary, use engineering elements in order to create a certain architectural style and new forms.


At our website you can buy or order a small- or large-sized figurine or sculpture, made of various materials and using various methods – modelling, casting, forging, carving, embossing.

Armoured doors

Modern metal or armoured front doors are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand you add value and elegance to your home, and on the other hand you significantly improve its safety. Especially since their installation by professionals will take only 1.5 hours and this, unlike other renovations, will go unnoticed and will not disrupt your everyday routine. Buying metal doors you protect your family budget and this is the best investment in current tough times.

Forged products

Nowadays there is growing interest in forging. This is not surprising. Forged pieces are beautiful decoration of any home, building or garden. Their use is a perfect way to accentuate individuality and refined taste. Hand decorative forging is a real work of art and, as a rule, one-off. A skillful combination of modern technologies and ancient traditions allow achieving stunning results. Today forged items are real masterpieces. Only top-raking specialists work in our company. Forging is not just work for them, it’s their calling. We are ever-improving in our work, carefully selecting only the best for it. Such approach allows us to offer our clients the best of everything that can be created by means of decorative forging. All our items are made according to classis forging technology by means of hand forge of metal with its cyclic heating in the hearth.

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